Wings of Fire series 1

Wings of FIre

Wings of Fire is a book made by Tui T. Sutherland. It is about dragons and their lives. heres a linky to the wiki


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir

The Hidden Kingdom

The Dark Secret

The Brightest Night

Moon Rising

Winter Turning

Talons of Power

Darkness of Dragons

The Lost Continent

Types of DragonsEdit

  • MudWing
  • SeaWing
  • RainWing
  • NightWing
  • SandWing
  • IceWing
  • SkyWing


Dragons that live in the mud kingdom, hey can hold their breath up to an hour ,are strong, and red egged MudWings are fire resistant. Mudwings are usually bronze or brown. 


Dragons that live in the sea, They have gills and glowing scales for communication. They have strong tails for swimming. Seawings are able to breathe underwater. Scales are mostly blue and green.


Dragons that live in the rain forest, and have spitting venom like a cobra and changing scales like a Chamillion. They also have a curved tail. The scales change with their mood. They are incredibly sleepy.


Dragons that live in volcanoes and dark places, They read minds and foretell the future, They have toxic saliva which can kill like a komodo dragon. Nightwings are usually a mix of black and purple, with silver scales scattered around their wings that look like stars.


Dragons that live in the desert, they have venomous tails and their scales give off warmth. They have yellowish white scales.


Dragons that live in the ice kingdom, they have ice breath, incredibly sharp claws, and whip tails. Icewing scales range from all kinds of blues to all kinds of whites.


Fast Dragons that have big wings and live in the mountains. They are the fastest flying dragons. Scales are either red, orange, or yellow, with yellow eyes.