White Dragon

The rare white dragon.

The White Dragon (also called the Holy Dragons and Angelic Dragons) is an uncommon breed of dragons.


  • They're white, obviously. [citation needed]
  • Seeing a white dragon is believed to be good luck.
  • Most white dragons were killed by black dragons.
  • White Dragons prefer their food suitably chilled. If their victims aren't already frozen, White Dragons will often pack them away in snow until they are properly frozen.
  • They prefer to travel alone

Wing TypeEdit

They have feather or leather wings.

Wing SizeEdit

The size of each wing is equal to the size of the body.


Their element is Ice They can breath a chilling frost.


White Dragons live in frigid, chilly climates, usually artic areas but sometimes very high mountains.

Encountering OneEdit

If you ever encounter a white dragon be on your guard they are swift and alert. Your best bet is to frighten or intimidate them, as white dragons tend to be easily frightened.

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