Wings of Fire

Series 1:

  • The Dragonet Prophecy (July 1, 2012) 
  • The Lost Heir (January 1, 2013) 
  • The Hidden Kingdom (May 28, 2013) 
  • The Dark Secret (October 29, 2013) 
  • The Brightest Night (March 25, 2014)


Clay is the MudWing Dragonet of Destiny and the main protagonist of The Dragonet Prophecy. He is resistant to fire and extreme heat, like that of Peril, having hatched from an egg the color of dragons' blood. His intended replacement was the false MudWing dragonet Ochre, though Morrowseer thought Clay would be acceptable. Clay was depicted as brown (the color of flat mud) from horns to the tip of his tail when he was under the mountain, but when he went into the sunlight, he was really muddy brown with amber undersides and gold between his scales. The browns in his scales were described as being a richer and deeper color when in sunlight, like mahogany. He is very loyal to his friends.


Tsunami is the lost SeaWing princess and a dragonet of destiny. Under the mountain, she was described as cobalt blue with pale green underscales, but in sunlight, Clay depicted her as deep blue, like a dragon composed of sapphires and emeralds. Supposedly she looks just like her mother, Queen Coral. She has a swirling starburst glow pattern on the sides of her wings, indicating her as a member of SeaWing monarchy. She is the main protagonist of The Lost Heir, the second book in Wings of Fire series.


Glory is a RainWing and an unofficial Dragonet of Destiny, in addition to being the current queen of her tribe. She is the main protagonist in The Hidden Kingdom, the third book of the Wings of Fire series. Her replacement is the SkyWing dragonet, Flame.


Starflight is a light black NightWing dragonet of destiny, and the main protagonist of The Dark Secret. Like most NightWings, Starflight has scattered scales of silver on the underside of his wings that genetically spray outward like a splash of water. His replacement is Fatespeaker, a new friend of his, who believes she does have a typical NightWing's powers, though they are extremely unpredictable.


Sunny is a SandWing/NightWing hybrid and a Dragonet of Destiny. She is the main protagonist of The Brightest Night. Viper was her intended replacement for the prophecy.

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