The Soul-Silver Dragon is a dragon that has the skin texture of silver.It's elements are unknown.It has a habit of turning enemies or invaders to silver once it breathes silver breath on them.


  • They're silver obviously [citation needed]
  • They are known to just sit down on the sides on the river of they're depressed or want fresh water
  • It is very rare for soul-silvers to have 2 tails instead of 1
  • They are very weak

Wing SizeEdit

Perfect size

Wing WidthEdit

Perfect width

Breath PowerEdit

Silver Breath


It's whole body is the colour of platinum or silver,due to it' name.Off-springs are less shiny than the adult.They're eyes are teal and it is very rare for a Soul-Silver Dragon to have two tales instead of one.


It mostly just eats silver metal or anything shiny.Only to make it's "silver-breath".Unlike the other dragons,it is the only dragon that doesn't eat meat.


They nest in junk-yards filled with metal and silver things.Mostly so they won't have to hunt live prey.