The Green Dragon is a belligerent creature. A master of intrigue, politics, and backbiting

The Green Dragon

. They are cruel, and envious. The green dragon is a liar and a master of verbal evasion. Just talking to one can lead to ruin. Green dragons are good at tracking.


The green dragon prefers to concoct elaborate schemes to gain power and wealth with as little effort as possible. Green dragons love to play with their prey. They will subside anything including shrubs and small trees. They use camouflage to their advantage. When attacking green dragons will usually stalk their prey first, sometimes for days. They like to instill terror in the lesser opponents before torturing them to death.


Green dragons have palette for elf flesh.


Green dragons prefer to live in forests, the older and bigger the trees the better. They will make their lair behind a waterfall or near a lake, pond or stream providing a submerged entrance. The closer one gets to its lair, the darker the woods become. Evil hangs in the air, mingling with the forest scents to produce foul odors.


The green dragon's head is covered with hornlets. They have a long neck and legs, resembling a brontosaurus.


Green dragons reak of chlorine and breathe a toxic chlorine gas.