Dragon by el grimlock

The Black Dragon (also called the Sin Dragons and the Demonic Dragons) was an uncommon breed of dragons.


  • They're black, obviously. [citation needed]
  • People thought they were common because the darkness dragon, a common breed, looks very simular to them.
  • They can enter the body of any animal (including humans) and control them.
  • Seeing a black dragon not in an animal is believed to be bad luck.
  • Black dragons hated white dragons.
  • Black dragons are vile, evil-tempered and obsessed with death.
  • They find comfort in the sickening-sweet aroma of a drowned rotting carcass.

Wing TypeEdit

They have membrane wings.

Wing SizeEdit

The size of each wing is equal to the size of the body.


Their element is fire They can breath fireballs.