The Basilisk is a legendary serpent present in mythologies like greek, it is known as the king of serpents.


It is described as a huge serpent with a golden crown, or a black or red plumage on his head. His glance is


The Basilisk, from Harry Potter 2th movie.

so powerful, being capable of kill someone. One of the only ways of killing Basilisk is, making himself look his eye with something like a mirror, if it's get closer.

The Basilisk is so cruel, that while it can't kill animals with his mortal glance, it kills vegetation, making them dry.


  • The Basilisk is very close to cockatrices, being mistaken by them oftentimes.
  • They mortal enemies are griffins.
  • It made an big appearance in Harry Potter saga (Books and movies).
  • Weasels are immune to his mortal glance.