he Artisans Homeworld (グリーンガーデン ホーム Green Garden Home in Japanese) is the first world/homeworld in Spyro the Dragon. The Artisans dragons are tranquil and take a calmer approach to most problems. The Artisan World consists of pleasant countryside and ornate castles. This is the default world that you will start the game in. The Artisans is easily the simplest home world in the game, as none of the enemies even try to attack you.

The Artisans home is a very populous world, containing 4 dragons, but only has 100 gems. This is the minimal amount of gems any world will have in the game.


Artisan World.JPG

World Type: Homeworld
Native Species: Dragons, Sheep
gem.gif 100
drago.gif 4
Fodder: Sheep


  • 1 World Description
  • 2 Residents
  • 3 Realms
  • 4 Enemies
  • 5 Dragons
  • 6 Portals
  • 7 Walkthrough

World Description EditEdit

Spyro’s lush home world. The Artisans pride themselves in their homes, which is a vast meadow of healthy green grass, many tall trees, and gentle waterfalls feeding many different ponds in the area. Statues and intricate portals dot the landscape, as well as some marble hallways running through tall hills. Homes here are made up of small castles, large stone buildings, and the occasional high towers. Flower gardens can be found among the gem-encrusted stone walls, as well as within a few private meadows. Up above, the sky is always blue with a small tinge of pink on the horizon.

Residents EditEdit

An Artisan DragonAdded by Aura24The Artisan dragons are very peaceful dragons, tranquil and calm in approache to their problems. They are very experienced ambassadors to other worlds with their endless amounts of patience, and tend to make up most of the Dragon Aides to the Council. They usually would like nothing best but a quiet, sunny day to paint, draw, sculpt, or read. As their name implies, they do most of the intricate artistry in all the Dragon Realms, including statues, construction, and portraits. Their imagination is nearly boundless. Because of their openness to other species, a pure-bred Artisan is a rare sight. Almost all of them are hybrids between other dragon clans.

The leader of the Artisan dragons is Nestor, the first and nearest dragon Spyro frees, as he gives Spyro the main objective in the first homeworld in order to proceed to the next.

Realms EditEdit

  • Stone Hill (200 gems, 4 dragons)
  • Dark Hollow (100 gems, 3 dragons)
  • Town Square (200 gems, 4 dragons)
  • Sunny Flight (300 gems, 0 dragons)*
  • Toasty (100 gems, 1 dragon)
  • denotes bonus world

Enemies EditEdit

  • Common Gnorcs
  • Thieving Gnorc

Dragons EditEdit

  • Nestor: Found directly in front of you as you begin the game.
  • Delbin: By the waterfall in the main area.
  • Tomas: Directly after the tunnel in the main area that leads to the area with towers.
  • Argus: In front of the portal to Toasty just off the main area.

Portals EditEdit

Each homeworld has specially designed portals. The portals in the Artisan home are simple arches made of stone, like the arch of a bridge.

Walkthrough EditEdit

By JohnnyDFox